A work in progress… Love helping a friend!

     I recently had a friend of mine ask me if I would be interested in donating some of my creations for a silent auction she will be holding in July. The proceeds will go towards funding her daughters trip to nationals for pageant. I’m so happy that I’m able to help. I’ve decided to donate two different projects. The first is a custom painting. The second is still a bit of a mystery. I’m leaning towards crochet, but I’m still open to whatever idea may spring to mind. 

This work is entitled “Brave”. The silhouette is a mixture of acrylic and gesso that gives a lovely textured effect in person. The work is mostly in acrylic medium, but I tend to use a mixture of acrylic, pastels, ink, watercolor, as well as sharpie in most of my works. I apologize for the poor photo quality. I plan on taking future pictures with my Nikon instead of my phone. Also excuse my messy work area. The neat freak in me cringes at this very moment. I will be posting an update once this work is complete. Perhaps I will have a better idea of what project two will be by then. 

Until next time lovelies… Katie Pearl Xoxo


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