Parental feelings

     I have arrived to a new chapter in motherhood. My son Martigan will be starting kindergarten in less than a month. I’m not quite sure how to feel about this upcoming change in our life. 

     On one hand, I’m nervous and have a small sense of dread deep in thepit of my stomach. I keep reminding myself that he is in fact, ready for this, and I’m the one having seperation issues. On the other hand however, I’m looking forward to being able to throw myself into a project completely. Home improvement projects, yard work, even everyday cleaning time will be cut down considerably. I’m literally imagining ,at this moment, all the painting and art I’m gonna get done.

     I think once we settle in to a rhythm of sorts, and I stop crying everytime I drop him off, I might finally find the courage to open an online store. I might even talk myself into a few local craft shows. The possibilities are endless. I’m still nervous for my baby, but I’m excited for our family.  


     Until next time lovelies! Xoxo Katie Pearl


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