Updates galore…

Here are two more pieces I’ve finished this month. Hoping to have the store up and running soon! Both of these works are acrylic paint, pastels, archival ink, and embroidered over the top. Then they are sprayed with a clear lacquer to seal them. The first piece is 12×25 inches and the second is 8×10 inches. Feedback is appreciated! 
(Photo credit: theweatheredpearl)   (Photo credit : theweatheredpearl)
Until next time lovelies xoxo… Katie Pearl


It’s Official!

So as of October 1st, The Weathered Pearl is officially a registered business! I’m so excited for this new chapter of life! My son’s school recently held a silent auction to raise money for different classes and orginazations. I was very happy to be able to donate two original art pieces. I’ve also been approached about doing a substantial piece for the school itself. I feel so very blessed to be able to do what I love!  (photo credit: theweatheredpearl)  
(Photo credit: theweatheredpearl)
Until next time lovelies… – Katie Pearl